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For book number seven I decided to venture into unknown territory– poetry.  I do not read a lot of poetry.  The poetry I do read is generally of the epic variety (Homer, Milton, Dante).  I now find myself teaching tenth grade English, and the first unit I am required to cover is poetry.  With that in mind, I decided to read A Boy’s Will by Robert Frost.  The only Frost that I had previously read was the poem “The Road Not Taken”.  I was very pleasantly surprised by A Boy’s Will.  Frost’s poetry is rustic and manly, with the added advantage of actually making sense.  A Boy’s Will was his first collection, published in 1915, and reveals a young man seeking his future by firmly establishing his roots.  If you are from rural America, Frost is the poet for you.  I particularly liked “The Tuft of Flowers”.  I look forward to reading more Frost in the near future.