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George Clinton- Knows a thing or two about the funk.

I apologize for the lack of promised posts over the past week, but I have been deep in a reading funk.  Despite being partway through several different books a week ago, I have only managed to complete one since then.  Instead of finishing my eleventh and twelfth books of the year, I have been staring blankly at pages, dozing with a book on my chest, or trying to force my way through a book only to land on “How I Met Your Mother” instead.  I wanted to read.  I tried to read.  For some reason, I just couldn’t read more than two painful pages before giving up.  The funk only ended yesterday, when I finally finished one book and made good progress on another.  I don’t know why yesterday was different, but it all finally clicked.  The funk now defeated, I should have multiple reviews soon.  If I am going to get to 100 before the end of the year, I need to avoid returning to the funk.  Have you ever gone through a similar funk?  Couldn’t find your reading groove?  What can be done to get over it?  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!