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Only two more days until my Jeopardy audition and the reintroduction of fiction books to my challenge.  My most recent book was another selection designed to help prepare me for the audition.  An Incomplete Education by Judy Jones and William Wilson is a reference book with a very broad scope.  It covers twelve academic disciplines, including music, science, and world history.  It proved to be a very useful tool for refreshing my memory about a wide range of subjects prior to Kansas City.  I would recommend this book to anyone seeking a refresher on the things you learned in college but have since forgotten (or for anyone preparing for Jeopardy).  In general, I have mixed feelings about books of this sort.  I do not think that reading collections of information distilled into neat summaries can take the place of reading the landmark texts of Western civilization and developing your own understanding.  That said, it can be helpful to read this kind of book to clarify certain concepts.  In other words, read this book if you need to refresh your memory.  Don’t read this book if you want a deep understanding of any particular aspect of academia.

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