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I had my long-awaited Jeopardy audition two days ago in Kansas City, and it went very well!  I am in the contestant pool, which means I can be called any time in the next 18 months to be invited to LA for a taping.  It was quite an experience.  A cancelled flight turned a quick trip to Kansas City into an epic road trip that covered 1000 miles in two days.  The audition itself consisted of a written test, a miniature game of Jeopardy, and a personality interview.  Out of fifty test questions, I think I missed roughly 8.  The mini game was fun and I didn’t answer any questions incorrectly.  The interview also went well.  Overall, I think my chances are good to get invited to LA.  That said, I won’t be waiting by the phone.  There were quite a few really smart people in Kansas City and I am sure there have been many more auditioning around the country.  I will keep everyone posted if I get a taping.  Until then, I look forward to less studying and more reading.  Thanks for all of the support and encouragement!