It’s that time of year again, that happy time when my motivation begins to dwindle at a rate roughly equivalent to the diminution of my free time that goes along with the start of a school year.  I’m not giving up, but I am limping along.  I think I have mentioned that I switched from teaching English to teaching Speech and Debate.  That also means I am now the coach of the debate team.  What I gained in ease of material I am paying for in loss of time.  My afternoons and weekends are much busier than last year.  That said, I will continue to read and blog.  My pace might just be a bit slower than it has been up to this point.  I am not reducing my target because that defeats the purpose.  If I try to get to 100 and fail, that gives me my target for next year.  If I change my goal to 75 and get there, I will know that it is because I changed to rules to win the game.  So the target remains the same.  One major change I will be introducing is the inclusion of at least one new series of posts, Page to Screen.  In this series, I will look at classic pairings of books and movies and then offer my take on them.  My reading time may have diminished, but I need the intellectual stimulation this blog provides worse than ever.  Spending all day with teenagers can be mind numbing, and blogging helps keep my brain cells alive and active.  Thanks for the supportive comments and the blog views, I will try to keep the posts coming!