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Last night I knocked out another book, bringing my total up to 61.  I have almost reached last year’s total of 63, but am still a very long way from the century mark.  My most recent title was the novel Broken Wings by the Lebanese author Kahlil Gibran.  Broken Wings tells the story of a fictionalized version of Gibran, who falls in love with the beautiful Selma.  Selma is promised in marriage to the despicable nephew of the nepotistic Bishop.  Selma marries the nephew against her will and ends her relationship with the narrator/author.  Selma dies immediately after giving birth to a son (who also dies).  The narrator is left heartbroken and alone, but awake to the power of love.

As usual, Gibran’s writing is beautiful and poignant.  This novel is a heartbreaking story that speaks to people of any cultural background.  The plot is your standard tale of star-crossed lovers but Gibran manages to bring sincerity and freshness to one of literature’s stock storylines.  Well worth a read if you want a bit of a heartbreaker.

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