New Year’s Day always leaves me a bit dumbfounded.  Has it really been an entire year since last New Year’s?  At the risk of sounding like a cliché, this is a day for reflecting on the past and preparing for the future.  On this blog, that means taking a look at what I read in 2011 and gearing up for another run at 100 in 2012.  We’ll start with a look at my reading stats for the past year.

      • Total Books Read: 75 (Click Here for the List)
      • Total Pages Read: 19,411
      • Average Book Length: 258.81 pages
      • Best Month: July, 14 Books Read
      • Worst Month: May, 1 Book Read
      • Blog Views: 14,382

I am pleased with my stats this year, despite falling 25 books short of my goal.  The purpose of my challenge was to provide focus for my intellectual efforts and keep myself mentally fit.  I definitely think I accomplished that.  This year saw an eclectic mix of books from many different genres, time periods, and countries.  I enjoyed some more than others, and later this week I will post my Top 10 Books from 2011.  Until then, Happy New Year!