Another month has gone, which means it is time to check out my overall progress.  My target for February was eight books, which I missed by one.  That puts my current total at fourteen, giving me an average of  1 book/4.21 days.  I am still well behind the necessary 1/3.65 average, but am pleased with my progress thus far.  I am still two books ahead of last year’s pace.

  Here is the breakdown of February’s books:

1 Novel: The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

2 Plays: The Comedy of Errors and Julius Caesar

2 Historical/Biographical Works: Churchill: An Unruly Life and A Moveable Feast

1 Philosophical Book: Human, All Too Human

1 Educational Book: The Elements of Style

Book of the Month: The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

All of the books I read over the past month were excellent, but le Carre’s book was definitely my favorite.

Last year I read 13 books in March, and I hope to match that total this year.  Wish me luck!