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Ernest Hemingway is the Tupac Shakur of English literature, with a significant body of work coming out after his death.  The Nick Adams Stories is one of those posthumous works.  It gathers all of Hemingway’s short stories that feature his famous character Nick Adams.  Eight of the stories were never published by Hemingway, and the others appeared in many different formats throughout Hemingway’s career.  This volume collects them all and rearranges them in an order that follows the life of Nick Adams chronologically.

Many of these stories are classic examples of Hemingway at the top of his game.  My personal favorites are “Big Two-Hearted River” and “Fathers and Sons”.  The previously unpublished stories are enjoyable as they shed light on the development of one of Hemingway’s signature characters, but are clearly below Hemingway’s exacting standards for publication.  The book is good, but is not my favorite Hemingway volume.  Stick to the works that Hem wanted published and you will be much better off.

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